Let's face it, building a business is hard.

And it becomes a lot harder when you're trying to do it with tons of confusing advice from dozens of experts.

You could get so confused and overwhelmed that you simply don't know what to do. Or you might find yourself implementing all sorts of tactics that indeed give you some quick wins but are not integrated into a cohesive plan.

If you truly want to go far, you cannot afford to keep running after all the latest tactics or working with bits and pieces of scattered strategies. Long-term success requires long-term commitment and focused efforts.

This is why I have created the Ark Builders Mastermind, a comprehensive mentoring and mastermind experience that integrates all of my company's training programs into a cohesive business development system.

Instead of having to sign up for several programs and learn how to master lots of tech tools on your own, you will have access to relevant content, hands-on coaching and a supportive community to start and grow your business.


Ark Builders Collective is for three categories of people:

1. Freelancers who want to build an online business that provides digital solutions for businesses and personal brands.

2. Corporate professionals who want to start a business out of creating transformational experiences with their knowledge and expertise.

3. Business owners who would like to integrate coaching and consulting into their business model.

If your business is primarily built on physical products, this may not be the kind of opportunity you're looking for, except you are looking to pivot into one of the listed categories.


Ark Builders Collective gives you all the training and tools you need to run a location independent business. In addition to guiding you through all the necessary technology tools, the core curriculum will show you how to.
  • Clarify your business idea
  • Develop your service offerings
  • Register your new business
  • Set up your online platforms
  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Receive local and international payments
  • Leverage affiliate marketing
  • Create and sell digital products
  • Launch an online course
  • Monetise your expertise with coaching and consulting
  • Simplify operations with basic business systems
  • Integrate process improvement into your business
  • Grow your business with a remote team
You also get access to the following tools
  • 100 Premium website templates (worth over $3,000)
  • Elementor Pro ($499/year)
  • Weekly coaching calls (Priceless)
  • Business process templates (Priceless)
  • Sample proposals and work plans (7 figures in revenue)
  • Vidnami subscription ($47/month)
  • Thrive Architect ($228 value)
  • Other video production tools ($800)
  • Authorlab Pro ($499)
  • Canva Pro ($119.99)
  • Annual Business Retreat ($199)
  • Virtual Business School ($499)
And other valuable resources that you simply cannot get anywhere else without a significant dip in your bank balance.


Within the first six weeks, we will work together to clarify your business idea, develop your service offerings, register your new business and set up your online platforms. 

Over the next six weeks, you will start to build your audience, gain the attention of your ideal clients and make your first 500 dollars through affiliate marketing. We will then create your first digital product and work through other modules based on your specific situation.

That means your business will be fully up and running within three months. And you have nine months of hands-on support to nurture it to maturation.

In case we have not interacted closely enough to have a good picture of what you can expect, see what others have said about my work in various contexts

Philip took me by the hand on an adventure into the digital world. He went all the way to make sure I got value each time. He is skillful and ready to pass his skills across to others with an astute passion. He has an excellent taste for quality and professionalism.
- Toyin Obafemi, Physician and business owner

Wow! I love this content. It shows hours of labour on self-discovery and awareness with genuine hunger for deep knowledge. Furthermore, I always enjoy reading your content because they stir up positive vibes and thoughts in me, causing a realignment in my mind to what matters most. God bless your brain, heart and work.
- Titilayomi Adeyemi, Pastor and Corporate Professional

There are lecturers and there are teachers. Philip belongs to the latter group. He teaches with great devotion and energy, making sure that his students or trainees get the gist of the message or lesson he's trying to pass across. He's patient and excellent at what he does. He's the mentor par excellence.
- Williams Oladele, Operations Officer

You actually exceeded my expectations and I was indeed surprised. The experience was splendid!
- Paul Alasiri, New Media Expert


Ark Builders Mastermind is designed to provide the most comprehensive experience for people who are serious about building a successful business over the long term. All the required tools, trainings and tech support have been bundled into a subsidised investment of 250,000 naira per year or 25,000 naira per month with a minimum commitment of three months. 

The next cohort will commence on November 15, 2021. Enrolment closes by October 29, 2021 or once we have six people. 

One of our sponsors has offered partial scholarship for fast action takers. That means the first five people to sign up before October 29 will get 40 percent savings on the annual plan, 28 percent on the quarterly plan and 20 percent on the monthly plan.


If you enlist in this experience over the first six months and you don't think you have received ten times value for your investment, we will give you a full refund. So there is absolutely no risk on your part. 

The only condition is that you must have participated in all weekly sessions and completed all assignments with proofs. So if you are not ready to take action, don't even bother to sign up. But if you are ready to give it all it takes, I assure you that this will be one of the most rewarding decisions you have ever made.

Some Feedback from Training Sessions

My key takeaways include accurately defining why one wants to start a business and examining one's motives. I also got areas to consider when planning to start a business while still working a regular job. The language was simple and easily understandable. Questions were answered and facilitator connected with the participants well. - T. Adeniyi.

Nurture your business in a 'nursery' before taking it to the field... Profound change of mindset for me! I was amazed by the volume of information packed in the session. It was a full fledged course! - F. Omatseye

I learnt that you don't need to start your business in a big way, becoming unnecessarily indebted to people (your lenders). But you can start your business in a small way with little or no upfront costs, then later source for funds along the way, to grow your business. - Oluwaseun A.

It's only God that will reward you; all these are beyond surprise. In all, you have done a very great, great work. I just feel like crying seeing such sacrifice a man would make for free. I pray God will increase your joy and amplify you in all ramifications. -P. Akokomu



It has been proven time and time again that inaction and poverty are inextricably linked. Average people are always thinking: "Maybe, maybe not" but highly successful people are decisive. They make their decisions by faith and take action with courage!

So, where do you belong?

I have heard many people express a burning desire to start a business that will give them freedom and flexibility, create multiple streams of income and empower them to help others. If that causes something to leap inside you, this is your opportunity. And you know what? This opportunity doesn't cost, it pays!

Remember that you will be given access to tools that would have cost thousand of dollars if you're getting them on your own. On top of that, you can request a full refund of your money if you implement the lessons and don't get results that justify your investment. And you have six whole months to do that. So there is absolutely no risk, as long as you are ready to do the work. Think about it.

And if this is not the kind of opportunity you are looking for, there are certainly people in or around your life that can benefit from it. Why not consider sponsoring one of them? Remember, investment in people pays the best dividends!


I've got answers! Simply send me an email or click here to chat on WhatsApp. You can also call me directly on +2348036427593.

Warm regards,

Barzillai Amiola
More brains, less muscle